Škoda - Mladá Boleslav
Case Study Škoda - Mladá Boleslav

Škoda Cuts Inspection Times, Streamlines Operations With Leica T-Probe & T-Scan Duo

Reconnecting with its rich pre-WWII history, over the past 15 years as part of the VW Group Škoda has transformed itself into a modern automaker offering a complete lineup of passenger vehicles, sharing engines and mechanical components across the board with its corporate brethren. It has also become a sort of new model playground, often being used to launch the first model in a particular VW Group vehicle family. For example, the just-released Škoda Fabia is the first vehicle to sport VW’s new subcompact platform, to be shared later by the forthcoming VW Polo and Seat Ibiza.

The plant in Mladá Boleslav is home to Škoda’s Prototyping Department under the leadership of Jan Novák. When it comes to metrological tasks, the department operates as a service provider to the entire technical development structure within the company. Until 1993 the department relied solely on traditional probing methods of inspection, but these provided too few reference points, especially when dealing with curvatures, so Škoda decided to branch out to photogrammetry, whereby the pictures were either of large parts or of specific vehicle parts where higher tolerances were necessary, such as vehicle interiors.

As technology advanced, Mr. Novák’s department started looking for new equipment that would expand the capabilities of their light projection equipment. For some measurement tasks, such as inspecting tooling, mobile probing would be optimal, while applications such as inspecting vehicle interiors called for digitizing surfaces as the logical choice. . . . .

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