Volvo Car - Gent N.V.
Case Study Volvo Car Gent N.V., Belgium

Quality is firmly in the driving seat

The legendary Volvo P1800 ES style rekindled fairytale memories. The vehicle‘s image-defining all-glass tailgate reminded people of Snow White‘s glass coffin. The successor model, the Volvo V40, rolls off the production line in the carmaker‘s works in Ghent, Belgium, where they rely on measuring systems from Hexagon Metrology.

Volvo models are not just appealing to the eye. Since its beginnings, the brand has led the field in vehicle safety. Last coup: the airbag, designed to protect pedestrians in a crash. The Chinese parent company has big plans for its protégé. The aim is to further establish the brand in the premium sector of the market. Thus, quality has been on everyone‘s lips since the take-over by the Geely group. The logical consequence: tighter tolerances on the parts which particularly affect the metrology team.

Metrology is most important for the weld lines in the “A-Shop“. The process of welding makes it difficult to keep dimensions under control. Fluctuations are extremely common. That is where most inspections are carried out to compare the actual measurements against the specified values. In the “B-Shop”, the bodies-in-white are immersed in flamenco red, electric blue and other special colours. All other parts, including the engine, come together in the “C-Shop” during final assembly to create S60, XC60, C30 or V40 models.

Measuring large objects
Random inspections of the bodies-in-white are performed fully automatically on the weld lines in bypass on two DEA BRAVO HP systems from Hexagon Metrology. The open design of the dual horizontal arm measuring machines simplifies the loading of the bulky bodies-in-white.

Either tactile or optical sensors can be selected. Among the features to be checked are the positions of the welded studs which are used to attach specific C-shop parts in a pre-determined position. They are measured with the laser sensor CMS106. The PC-DMIS software package compares the measured data with the CAD data...

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