Shotton Paper Company - Deeside
Shotton Paper Company - Deeside

The largest manufacturer of the UK newspaper print cuts maintenance costs by applying Leica TDM5005 Industrial Total Stations for Roller Alignment

To maximise production of a machine run, it is important that the machine’s alignment is correct. If this is not achieved, performance and quality could be affected which could result in machine downtime and expensive repairs.

When the machine is shutdown for repairs and planned preventative maintenance, it often includes the removal and replacement of various machine rollers. This is a relatively routine operation, however it is important that the roller is aligned level and square to the machine’s datum. Traditionally machine rollers were aligned using conventional Theodolites and levels with a typical survey lasting several hours. Using these traditional methods an experienced operator required a set-up time of 20 minutes per roller. Although this method had proven to be successful, the measurement relied upon the skill and expertise of the operator. Valmet (the Machine Manufacturer) and various survey companies provided this task at a significant cost to the business. . . . .

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