SR Technics - Zurich
SR Technics - Zurich

TESA UNIMASTER, the ideal instrument to measure large internal and external dimensions

Exclusive, portable and versatile: the TESA UNIMASTER universal measuring instrument enables large dimensions of heavy jet engine components to be measured in the maintenance environment.

Inaccurate dimensions can cause unforeseen problems and, as a result, quality assurance is a top priority, particularly in the aviation industry. The measurement methods used at SR Technics, which form an integral part of the repair process, have to meet high standards. The company relies on a wide range of testing tools and instruments. The TESA UNIMASTER plays a central role in measuring large internal and external dimensions. SR Technics has eleven units of this universal measuring tool in long-term use.

SR Technics, headquartered in Zurich, is one of the largest  independent providers of technical aircraft services in the world. It is a full-service provider of MRO for aircraft, component, and engine services. The company’s Engine Services division specializes in maintaining and repairing CFM56 and PW4000 jet engines manufactured by CFM International and Pratt & Whitney. The demanding maintenance, repair and overhaul tasks must be carried out in accordance with the manufacturers’ stringent specifications and require the highest levels of precision.

Absolute precision is equally important during the inspection of the components’ dimensions after the work has been completed. “Our employees have a high level of responsibility particularly with regard to the extremely expensive engine components,” says Daniel Povse, capability implementer in the CoE Cases & Frames department. “So it is vital that our maintenance specialists can rely totally on the measurement tools they are using. Every specialist is responsible for ensuring that the measurement devices are correctly calibrated.”

The company, which is ISO 9110:2010 certified, has made use of the entire range of TESA handheld measuring instruments, both standard and customized models, in its repair departments for many years. A measuring tool for large dimensions, which is the only one of its kind for this type of application, has been particularly valuable to the aircraft maintenance company. The handheld TESA UNIMASTER , which has been commercialised for 55 years and carries the SWISS MADE label, combines high precision and mobility.

This combination is hugely valuable when it comes to measuring heavy engine components, such as combustion chambers, diffuser cases or low-pressure turbine cases. The TESA UNIMASTER
comes into its own when calipers are not sufficiently accurate and the transport of the work piece towards a 3D-coordinate measuring machine is too complex for logistical reasons.

Before the measurement is made, the robust measuring device is adapted to the size of the component using a range of extensions. The extensions are made of steel, have quick connectors, are fitted using a special screwdriver and enable the device to measure dimensions ranging from 250 to 2500 mm. At SR Technics, the TESA UNIMASTER is zeroed and configured on a measuring bench in order to transfer the reference measurementto the instrument . . . . .

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