Case Study REDEX ANDANTEX - Ferrières

When high-precision mechanical quality rhymes with Hexagon Metrology CMM

Specialising in the design, production and distribution of high-tech power transmission systems, REDEX is led by a team of topflight engineers and makes every effort to optimise the technologies used, both in designing and manufacturing the products. REDEX ANDANTEX is a genuinely international company with employees hailing from around the world and who are all united by the same passion for their specific field: ultra high-precision mechanical engineering.

Specialising in high-precision mechanical engineering, Redex was founded in 1949 and is still driven by the same goal: the quality of its products in a context of long-term development. Managed by the grandson of its founder, Redex focuses on two main product lines: a machine activity for the strip and wire industry and a power transmission activity. Every day, more than 330 employees ensure that the group continues to optimise its technology, a fact which is reflected in a number of patent applications being filed every year. More than one third of the company’s turnover is generated by products developed over the past five years while 70% of its turnover comes from products sold outside Europe.

«Redex counts on the development of its production processes to ensure a constant increase in production quality,» explains the industrial director Pascal Vieugué, adding «We invest several million euros per year in new production means. Our development in the machine-tool market is an important stage in the Redex quality system, as mechanical installations with no play require very limited tolerances and thus a very precise dimensional inspection».

Already a pioneer in its field and absolutely meticulous about the quality of its products twenty years ago, Redex purchased a digitally-controlled DEA IOTA inspection machine which measures 1 point/second with a precision of approximately 5μ + 4/1000 as well as a manual OMICRON machine...

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