Meccanica Ponte Chiese - Brescia
Meccanica Ponte Chiese - Brescia

Automation to the nth Power

Automatic factory, unmanned manufacturing cycles, FMS, AGV… In the ‘80s, these used to be the favourite talking-points in the industrial world. The companies looked at a future with plants in which only a few people in white coats controlled machines and robots working, producing, and transferring every kind of components or finished products. These theories became in part a reality, particularly in big manufacturing organisations. Part of these theories clashed with the impossibility to eliminate the human mind from manufacturing cycles and they were not accomplished.

Today, we look on extreme automation with more caution, more realistically, applying it where it’s possible and affordable.

Giovanni Ferraboli is the owner of Meccanica Ponte Chiese of Brescia, in the heartland of industrial Northern Italy. His business is a smallsize enterprise that since 1973 has believed in industrial automation and has employed it fully.

But with a different purpose from the one imagined by the advocates of automatic factories. At MPC, they do not manufacture mass-production parts. They do not handle thousands of codes. There are two wire controlled AGVs, however, feeding five 4 and 5-axis machining centers, controlled by an automatic supervision system that feeds the parts to the CNC machines.

Parts have to be machined according to production priorities and the availability of the . . . . .

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