MGS - Ireland
MGS - Ireland

Thousands of plastics parts, two measurement systems.

On entering the Liffey Park Technology Campus in Leixlip, County Kildare we stand less than one mile away from the original (circa 1759) brewing location for the most famous of Irish exports – GUINNESS. Over 250 years later the site is now home to several hi-tech companies including the Ireland Headquarters of Hewlett-Packard (HP).

Deep within the walls of the vast HP campus is the brand new MGS injection moulding facility. The moulded parts produced at MGS are used across multiple industries including consumer goods, electronics, automotive and medical, hence the need for quality assurance with co-ordinate measuring systems from Hexagon Metrology.

MGS are a contract injection moulding company headquartered in America, this new facility in Ireland is a first for MGS in mainland Europe. Across the world MGS build mould tools, secondary shot systems and mass manufacture plastic moulded parts. The day-to-day business in the Irish facility is parts manufacture and mould tool repairs.

James Faughnan, Quality Manager, MGS Manufacturing Group Ltd, explains why they needed accurate inspection facilities: “During moulding it is essential to use dimensional data to indicate how stable our process is, today we are taking several samples from our moulding machines every 12 hours and analysing key dimensions to ensure consistency.”

Born in the USA
Hexagon Metrology’s involvement takes place well before the moulding of the first plastic parts. At the mould tool manufacturing facilities in the USA Hexagon Metrology co-ordinate measuring machines (CMMs) are used to verify the highly accurate mould tool production. Another critical part of the process is during the proving out of a newly installed mould tool which requires a full first article inspection. Since MGS are using Hexagon Metrology systems across their facilities it leads to an easy transfer of mould tools packages, including CMM fixtures and programs.

MGS in Ireland are currently using two Hexagon Metrology systems which give them a full range of contact and noncontact measuring capability. Hexagon Metrology is represented in Ireland by Inspection Equipment Ltd., they offer both sales and application advice. Inspection Equipment looked at the inspection requirements of MGS which led to recommending both a DEA GLOBAL 7.7.5 Classic CMM and an Optiv Classic 4.5.3 multi-sensor system.

James talks about why they chose these systems: “We went with Hexagon Metrology because the equipment could do everything we wanted it to do at the right price and we get great customer service from both . . . . .

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