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Power 3 precision thanks to the Hexagon Metrology retrofit

Founded in 1902, LUFKIN Industries has been specialised in gearing for industrial applications for more than 80 years. Its global reputation as a manufacturer of highly reliable material is completed by its customer service long-renowned for being quick and efficient. LUFKIN France incorporated the group in 2009 and established itself as a builder of gearing transmission organs for a wide range of industrial applications: coal and steel industry, metallurgy, paper mills, cement works, rubber factories, maintenance equipment, refrigeration, petrochemical industry, energy production, oil drilling, pilot plants, etc.

Manufacturing and control methods play an essential role and enable LUFKIN to build reduction units capable of attaining powers of 60 000 kW, rotation speeds of 60 000 t/mn (180 m/s) and torque of 100 000 MdaN. In order to obtain this level of performance, LUFKIN has high precision machining, trimming and gear grinding materials. However, LUFKIN has also made major investments in monitoring equipment to verify the top quality of the products manufactured.

In 1997, the company decided to invest in a 3D measuring machine to validate its components so it no longer had to only base itself on the quality of the boring machine, to reduce the number of returns and subcontracting work and also to meet the requests from increasingly demanding customers in terms of quality control.

The specifications included very tight machine tolerance in accordance with the CMMA regulation. The tolerance of the first machine acquired, a horizontal measuring arm, was quickly found to have little margin for error. A second arm was then improved technically, in particular with a pneumatic counterweight, a wider granite marble worktop, a training system with a smooth metallic bar with roller (and no longer rack-and-pinion) a large floating slab and local air conditioning in the measuring room.

Inspection was then made permanent: for components for direct customers, subcontracting, end customers, components in the process of manufacturing but also, in general, in the context of overall quality control, especially for high speed and nuclear projects. Three-dimensional coordinate measuring machines work in dual and their spatial capability covers 20 m3 to measure components weighing up to 10 tonnes.

In 2010 LUFKIN decided to modify its measuring methods for four main reasons...

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