Letecký průmysl

Průmyslová metrologie se v průběhu let stala integrální součástí procesů v leteckém průmyslu u výrobců OEM i významných hráčů v tomto průmyslovém odvětví. Systémy Laser Tracker se díky velkému měřicímu rozsahu využívají například ke kontrole, výrobě nástrojů, slícování dílů nebo v reverzním inženýrství. Ke kontrole a skenování prizmatických součástí se využívají souřadnicové měřicí stroje (SMS) všech velikostí, jež dosahují až mikrometrové přesnosti.

Messtronik GmbH - St. Georgen
New spheres of coordinate metrology

The Black Forest. Thanks to successful tourism advertisements, this name is associated with cuckoo clocks and the scent of pine trees, but the early birds in the forest aren’t the only ones to catch the worm. Traditionally, companies based in this region have also been among the most ‘bright-eyed’ in the country, particularly the ...

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Siemens AG Steam Turbines - Görlitz
A boost for turbines

„The only efficient machine is one that’s used to full capacity.” This is the motto of the blade production department at Siemens AG Steam Turbines in Görlitz, Germany. The only way to counter the cost and deadline pressures of turbine production is through full machine ...

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Öznur Defense and Aviation - Ankara
Manufacturing a reputation for quality

Aerospace component supplier’s ten year association with Hexagon Metrology establishes reputation for top-quality ...

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Motor Sich JSC - Zaporozhye
Transforming outdated equipment into valuable assets with Hexagon Metrology

When the world’s longest and heaviest plane – the Antonov An-225 “Mriya” – made its first flight in 1988, it was a historic moment for Ukrainian company Motor Sich, the manufacturer of the six Progress D-18T engines that propelled this mammoth aircraft skywards. But in the aviation industry, nobody can afford to stand still; the development of new ...

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Determinate Assembly – Aerospace
Leica Laser Tracker & SpatialAnalyzer in Aerospace Manufacturing

Determinate Assembly (DA) is a technique used in aerospace assemblies that requires drilling precise and matching hole patterns for fastening mating parts. The DA technique is critical to building large structures effectively for aerospace as it allows for consistent, accurate assembly and component alignment. Massive NC machines or large jigs are ...

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SETIS - ATV Project - Grenoble
Measurement of the geometric characteristics of ATV spacecraft

The adventure began in 1951 when Mr Degaud opened a “classical” office of surveying experts in Grenoble. The Olympic Games in 1968 contributed to the company’s rise which became, with 120 people working there, the largest office in the region. Since the 1960s and in the context of the Olympic Games, the company was responsible for measuring ...

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SETIS - ALMA Project - Grenoble
Dynamic measurement of the ALMA project antenna settings

The activity sectors covered by SETIS are a reflection of a will to diversify whilst at the same time staying close to the basic professions: the nuclear, aerospace, automobile or research and development industries. SETIS has in its portfolio clients as notable as Airbus, DACIA, EDF, CERN or AREVA and is responsible for the follow up of projects ...

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Strata Manufacturing PJSC - UAE
Strata Manufacturing PJSC - APPLICATION REPORT

Strata’s aerospace hub Strata Manufacturing PJSC, established in 2010 and based in Al Ain is a manufacturer of composite parts for aerospace industry. Strata is wholly-owned by Mubadala, the Abu Dhabi-based investment and development company, and is part of Mubadala Aerospace, Communications Technology and Defense Services. Among the partners ...

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Hexagon Metrology is assuring quality of composite parts at PCT, UAE

Construction without limits Architecture without constrains, futuristic concepts turned into reality, state-of-the-art solutions – all this is possible thanks to the advanced composites materials. Premier Composite Technologies (PCT), located in Dubai, is a leading global supplier and manufacturer of advanced composite solutions for the ...

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RECARO Aircraft Seating - Schwäbisch Hall
Ergonomic Lightweights

Airlines and aeroplane manufacturers are facing the challenge of transporting people and freight more efficiently. The only way to do this is to put every single aircraft component on a drastic slimming diet, but the RECARO Aircraft Seating company won‘t be compromising the ergonomics or comfort of their aircraft seats for the economy and business ...

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MTU Aero Engines - Munich
Ready for departure

Boarding a plane to fly from one continent to another within hours has become an everyday event for us. Behind that are over a hundred years of aviation history and a great deal of high tech, such as engines produced by MTU Aero Engines. In its quality assurance, MTU relies on the power of measuring systems by Hexagon ...

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Premium Aerotec - Nordenham
Laser Tracker corrects the exact position of robots in aircraft construction

With A350, it‘s a different story. Each aircraft fuselage is provided with profiles, so-called stringers, for reinforcement. Up until now, they have mainly been made of aluminium. In general, they are manually positioned over holes created by a milling machine. With the A350, which is primarily comprised of carbon fibre-reinforced plastics (CFP), ...

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SR Technics - Zurich
TESA UNIMASTER, the ideal instrument to measure large internal and external dimensions

Exclusive, portable and versatile: the TESA UNIMASTER universal measuring instrument enables large dimensions of heavy jet engine components to be measured in the maintenance environment. Inaccurate dimensions can cause unforeseen problems and, as a result, quality assurance is a top priority, particularly in the aviation industry. The measurement ...

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BMT Aerospace - Oostkamp
Flying high with more efficiency

BMT Aerospace benefits directly from the increase in air traffic volume. The order books of the Belgian producer of gears for aerospace applications are full. In order to cope with the amount of work, BMT Aerospace needed a fresh start in the measuring ...

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TenCate France
The final control

A member of the TenCate Advanced Composites group, TenCate Advanced Armor Europe implements unique armouring, ballistics and personal protection solutions using composites and ceramics technology. TenCate Advanced Armor Europe manufactures and assembles flat and curved plates for armour products for individuals, planes, helicopters, vehicles and ...

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PES – Hinckley
Portable metrology for large scale installations and alignments

PES (UK) Ltd provides high quality engineered products and materials to global industries, along with specialist installation and design services. Operating in fields such as construction, formula 1, engineering, aerospace, printing, energy (onshore & offshore), automotive, rail, scientific and defence industries since 1979. As well as ...

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C-CAT - Kennedale, TX
Prototyping Eliminates Tooling, Nets Millions in Savings

Building complex prototypes can often grind a budget and timeline into mincemeat. With declining funds for space programs and tight budgets in the aerospace industry, every dollar spent is vital…every dollar saved is survival. Serving those industries, Carbon-Carbon Advanced Technologies, INC, (C-CAT) has taken steps to drive new efficiencies into ...

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Ingemat - Zamudio
Laser Tracker opens door to new business areas

Entrepreneurial acting means setting the course for new business opportunities. In industrial companies, the success of such plans stands and falls with identifying the right equipment. That’s why Basque engineering company Ingemat added a Leica Absolute Tracker AT401 to their ...

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SEGI - Aragon
Top quality mechanisation

The Aragonese company SEGI S.L. has opted for top quality mechanisation by incorporating a DEA GLOBAL Performance machine.  The autonomous community of Aragon has had for some months what is possibly the most precise CMM installed over its history in the metal industry. The machined products company SEGI S.L. has opted for the highest ...

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Aircraft Philipp - Uebersee
Blue and white metrology under Bavaria’s skies

Aircraft Philipp makes structural components in Übersee, Bavaria for every conceivable type of passenger and military aircraft. One such plane is the Airbus A320, the world‘s best-selling medium-range airliner. So that these silver birds climb safely into white and blue skies all over the world, quality assurance at Aircraft Philipp is firmly ...

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Menegazzi - Padova
Hexagon Metrology boosts blade production

The company C.M. Menegazzi was established in 1982 and is still led by its founder Umberto Menegazzi, who has been joined by sons Roberto and Luca, respectively responsible for the accounts/sales and technical areas of the business. The use of state-of-the-art design and production technologies has always been key to C.M. Menegazzi’s operations: ...

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Airbus Military - San Pablo
A400M Automated Assembly with Leica Geosystems Laser Trackers

The Final Assembly Line at the Airbus Military facility in Seville, Spain, is the third largest aeronautical station in Europe after Toulouse and Hamburg and welcomes the final assembly and delivery of the A400M, the latest Airbus Military airplane. Designed to a recognised requirement for a new airlifter for European air forces, the A400M ...

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SFS intec - Heerbrugg
Versatile use of the Leitz PMM-C Ultra with small precision parts

In the production halls articles are pressed, turned, ground and rolled. Hammering and clattering fills every nook and cranny. Thousands of small parts are tumbling into their assigned bins. At first glance the picture is deceptive: diversity rules here. Swiss concern SFS intec concentrates on the design and manufacture of customer-specific ...

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Duebendorf Aviation Museum
History-Making Cold-War Era Swiss Jet Fully Digitized With Leica T-Scan

More often than not, industrial metrology involves performing measurements on no-thrills, mundane, dull-as-dish-water measurement objects. Inspecting them is usually as exciting as watching grass grow. But every now and then one comes across a task that is as different as chalk and cheese. Like digitizing an entire fighter bomber jet, for example. ...

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NASA Goddard - Greenbelt
Perfecting The Last Hubble Rendezvous

Leica Geosystems Laser Tracker System Provides "Reality Check" in NASA Part-Mate ...

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Airbus - St. Eloi
Airbus jet engine pylons inspected with dual laser tracker setup

The initial plan to build a second metrology lab was quickly abandoned. «The lack of space and the difficulties in constructing an identical lab forced us to explore different methods of saving time,» explains François Richer. And so the idea of placing two Leica Geosystems laser trackers in parallel to synchronize the measurement ...

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BAE Systems - Samlesbury
Entrusting Laser Trackers With Critical Measurements For Nearly Two Decades

BAE Systems is a global company engaged in the development, delivery and support of advanced defence and aerospace systems in the air, on land and at sea. As one of the largest defence companies in the world and the largest such contractor in Europe, the company plays an important role in global military aircraft production. The company’s Typhoon, ...

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Snecma Propulsion Solide - Le Haillan
Automated large-scale serial inspection

Snecma Propulsion Solide designs, produces and markets rocket engines and composite materials for the defense, aviation and aerospace industries and other related fields. Within the French national defense programs M45 and M51 as well as the European space programs such as Ariane 5 and Vega, Snecma is a first-choice business ...

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MEWAG - Wasen i. E.
Leading Manufacturer of Tube-Bending Machines Incorporates ROMER Portable Measuring Arm as Standard OEM Equipment for Metrology Tasks

When the Dutch subsidiary of Caterpillar was looking to replace its ageing tube-bending equipment used in manufacturing the hydraulic components for its heavy earth-moving equipment, it invited all global players in the tube-bending industry to submit a bid. In the end the decision was made to award the contract to MEWAG, a family-owned company ...

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Airbus - Toulouse
Airbus A380 Challenges of very-large-scale assembly

The Airbus A380 is the most modern, spacious and capable civilian aircraft of all time. It was first shown in December 2000, christened "The Flagship of the 21st Century." The plane was developed in close cooperation with air carriers, airports and air traffic authorities. The aircraft incorporates the most modern technologies in terms ...

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Dimension 3 - Cordelle
A Service Company Specializes in ROMER

If personnel shortages or financial issues prevent you from coming up with your own metrology solutions, your company can turn to specialized service companies instead. Dimension 3 is one such company, headquartered in the Roanne region near Lyon. Dimension 3 utilizes ROMER articulated arms both locally and internationally, offering its customers ...

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Dassault Aviation - Mérignac
Leading aircraft manufacturer loyal portable measuring arm user for more than 15 years

Through its engineering design departments, production facilities, the skills of its employees and its product lines, Dassault Aviation offers its customers in-depth know-how, ranging from design to operations, based on strong entrepreneurial values. Dassault Aviation is at the cutting edge of technological innovation and airborne system ...

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Airbus - Broughton
For Airbus Broughton, Leica T-Probe is the “Missing Evolutionary Link” in Tooling

The Airbus site in Broughton near Chester, UK, manufactures every single wing variant in the Airbus product line, including the mother of all flagships, the new A380. Providing work for more than 5,000 people, Airbus is the largest employer in town. Over 100 Leica Geosystems Laser Trackers are used by the 16 production facilities in ...

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The Polen Special Airplane
The Need For Speed: Making A Flying Legend Fit For The 21st Century

You know you are looking at a piece of aviation history the moment you set your eyes on it. Its seductive, elegant lines, its smooth, flush-riveted body and the “get-out-of-myway” screaming red all bespeak of an unrelenting desire for speed. The Polen Special airplane, conceived and hand-built by Dennis Polen in 1972, is after all these years ...

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Eurocopter - Donauwoerth
Laser Trackers Revolutionise Industrial Measurement Procedures at Eurocopter

Eurocopter, the world's leading helicopter manufacturer, has improved production line efficiency by up to 70% in just a few years - thanks to two new state-of-the-art Laser Tracker measurement systems from Leica Geosystems. According to Reinhold Grosskopf, head of FEMI development, the deployment of the two Laser Trackers for quality assurance ...

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Airbus - Bremen
New heights in measurement precision

It hardly needs saying that measurement inaccuracies during aircraft construction can have enormous negative consequences. That is why the issues of quality assurance and measurement technology assume such paramount importance in the fields of aviation and space travel.  And that is also why Airbus uses no fewer than seven Leica ...

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SMG - Villeneuve les Sablons
Adoption of ROMER Articulated Arm Broadens Business Horizons for Smaller Companies

The acquisition of a measurement instrument represents an important investment for small and medium-sized companies. The questions are numerous: Which product to buy? Which supplier to rely on? What technology corresponds to the company's needs? Is the investment really worth the effort? SMG Confrère, a company specialized in cutting, ...

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NASA Marshall - Huntsville
NASA Perfects Orbital Docking Right Here on Earth

For most of those not directly involved, space exploration and research conjure up triumphant images of weightlessness and exotic technologies straight out of a science-fiction novel. However, most of the painstaking engineering efforts that go into reaching orbit take place on the ground. Due to the exorbitant, prohibitively high cost of leaving ...

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Lockheed Martin - Fort Worth
Proficiency in Every Sense

For the airplane aficionado, the appeal of the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) is clearly its sleek, powerful contours and its stealth capacity. For the military, JSF symbolizes combat air dominance with next-generation, affordable tactical aircraft. But for the engineering connoisseur whom revels in "all that truly works", the Joint Strike ...

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Messtronik Weisser - Langenschiltach
The Black Forest: here Precision is a Tradition

The unmistakable style of its halftimbered houses, mills, wines, and smoked ham. These are but a few of the best known traditions of the Black Forest, Germany’s “green lung” between the Rhine and Danube rivers that borders on France and Switzerland. Yet, there is another less known tradition here in this south-western part of Germany: accuracy. ...

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Airbus - Broughton (DEA)
Airbus measures up with DEA coordinate metrology

The Airbus factory in Broughton, North Wales, recently ordered a large gantrytype coordinate measuring machine from DEA. The machine will provide advanced dimensional inspection capabilities that will help keep pace with the production of wing spars for the current fleet of Airbus aircraft and components for the new A380, a 555 seater aircraft for ...

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XAC - Xian
Xian Aircraft Company: quality in China’s skies.

By installing a unique coordinate measuring machine, Xian Aircraft Company (XAC) has reduced inspection time and added a new level of flexibility to its metrology operations. XAC, located in Xian, China, is a large, high technology manufacturer of large and medium sized military and civilian aircraft for the Chinese market, luxury coaches, ...

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