Hellgeth - Wurzbach
Case Study Hellgeth - Wurzbach-Rodacherbrunn

Customised special vehicle manufacturer simplifies prototype construction with the ROMER measuring arm

Brothers Jürgen and Andreas Hellgeth are entrepreneurs with passion. Their interests centre on motorsport and off-road vehicles. A self-converted racing Unimog with a twin-turbo, mid-mounted engine even secured them the overall winner‘s spot in the Dresden-Breslau Rally in 2008. From their personal commitment to motorsport and private off-road activities, they developed the business idea: First the Hellgeths designed special vehicles for their own use.

However, a demand for individualised details and customised vehicle bodies quickly developed in the off-road and globetrotter scene. At their Wurzbach-Rodacherbrunn facility in southern Thüringen, Andreas and Jürgen Hellgeth built up a business which soon gained a good name among its customers. The snowy forests and mountains of this region in eastern Germany proved the perfect place for building all-terrain vehicles – dozens of test tracks right on the doorstep. Today, the business activities of the family are mainly focused along two lines: Customised special solutions for wheeled vehicles and the modernisation, conversion and sale of tracked vehicles.

The strength of Hellgeth is the single-minded pursuit of the fulfilment of the customer‘s wishes in every area of vehicle-making. Andreas Hellgeth declares: „Only a few vehicle body manufacturers also concern themselves with automotive engineering. We design and optimise all components to meet the exact wishes of the customer, whether it is a gearbox, the right wheel and tyre combination, brakes, chassis, suspension, shock absorbers, winches or tanks.“ Depending on capacity and order book, each year Hellgeth sells 30-50 tracked vehicles, which come originally from Swedish manufacturer Hägglund and are converted in Rodacherbrunn. These vehicles are suitable for transport and operating over difficult terrain. Equipped with a modern diesel engine and capable of carrying up to 16 people, Hägglunds are in service all over the world – including in arctic and high alpine regions . . . . .

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