Funderia Condals - Manresa
Funderia Condals - Manresa

PC-DMIS offline: The Virtual Measuring Machine

The PC-DMIS for Windows measurement software includes an off-line programming environment that allows you to create measurement programs even if you do not physically have a measuring machine and part available.  This off-line functionality remarkably increases the efficiency of the dimensional control procedures since you only need to use the machine for the measurement and testing of part programs created in off-line mode.

Using powerful 3D animation tools, you can simulate the whole measurement environment including the machine, sensors, part, and fixturing elements.

From the same CAD part definition, you can generate and make changes to several measurement programs using PC-DMIS off-line.  PC-DMIS provides the exclusive use of Direct CAD Interfaces (DCI) which allows direct access to the CAD database without the need for intermediate translations.

The Funderia Condals (foundry) specializes in the production of castings for the automotive industry, in particular for braking systems.  The company was founded in 1976. It is certified to the most stringent quality standards (TS-16949, ISO-14001, EMAS) in order to be included among the suppliers of major automobile manufacturers.

Funderia Condals’ Quality Control department is fitted with a DEA Mistral measuring machine that utilizes the PC-DMIS measurement . . . . .

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