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Major Automotive Supplier Relies on Romer

Both an important vehicle identifier and the point of initial physical contact between the driver and the vehicle, the car seat also plays a vital role in passenger protection. Faurecia designs and assembles seats and manufactures their main components: frames, adjustment mechanisms, seating area and upholstering. Five percent of Faurecia’s sales are invested into research of safer, more comfortable and more attractive seats that weigh and cost less.

More than two-thirds of the seat components are completed at Faurecia‘s own manufacturing facilities. It owes its position as Europe’s leading seat manufacturer, and one of the top three worldwide, to the vastness and the quality of its offerings. Faurecia puts this savoir-faire to work for its customers, providing end users with increasingly personalized, luxurious and safe interiors at the right price. Audi Q7 and A8, Citroën C4, BMW 3 series, Renault Clio, Seat Leon, Toyota Yaris, Pontiac G6, Dodge Caliber, Ford S-MAX, Peugeot 207, Škoda Roomster or Volkswagen Eos – all of these new vehicles are equipped with Faurecia seats.

The Brières facility cooperates closely with the six development centers in France, Germany and the United States and operates in the vicinity of automakers’ design studios on the definition and approval of seats for new vehicles. Faurecia offers a broad range of retractable, adjustable and foldable rear seats that enhance vehicle differentiation. Faurecia R&D department, linked to the SDS (Share Development Services), is responsible, among others, for the seats’ prototype control.

In addition to the standard checks performed on the seats, different measurements are made with a standardized, referenced dummy installed following a precise protocol. Stéphane Laporte, responsible for these tests as well as material and prototype control, explains: ”The position of the installed dummy femur head should be within a 10mm x 10mm square, and the dummy torso needs to be in a specified position with deviations of no more than 2 degrees. This precise position (H point and torso angle) defines the standard driver position in the car. . . . .

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