Dimension 3 - Cordelle
ROMER Case Study Dimension 3 - Cordelle

A Service Company Specializes in ROMER

If personnel shortages or financial issues prevent you from coming up with your own metrology solutions, your company can turn to specialized service companies instead. Dimension 3 is one such company, headquartered in the Roanne region near Lyon. Dimension 3 utilizes ROMER articulated arms both locally and internationally, offering its customers highquality on-time service.

René Chapuis, who was in charge of dimensional accuracy at Giat Industries, used a ROMER arm for inspecting the interior of the Leclerc armored vehicle. This was in the late 1980s. The arm‘s flexibility, its accuracy and the fact that it is easily moved around won Chapuis over, turning him into the arm‘s chief user at Giat.

Years later, a government-sponsored start-up program for small and medium-sized businesses allowed Chapuis to make the leap into selfemployment, founding Dimension 3. The basic reasoning behind his startup was simple: lease a ROMER arm and offer the businesses in the area an option to subcontract metrology jobs.

As with all companies, the first few years were hard. Not only does one need to find customers – which is hard enough without a formal business education – but one also has to procure the measurement equipment. The change from being employed to being self-employed was also a challenge of its own. After several difficult months Chapuis was able to obtain an articulated arm under very good conditions, thus getting out of recurring monthly leasing payments. Regional trade shows, word of mouth and direct contacts to ROMER allowed Dimension 3 to gradually establish itself on the market. The first customers were the subcontractors to well-known companies who were already using ROMER arms, and who mandated that all their subcontractors also use the same metrology equipment to guarantee comparable results. . . . .

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