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Leica T-Probe Saves Time, Improves Accuracies

It keeps going and going and going-even if the immediate association with this slogan brings us to a different product, it applies to the Mercedes Sprinter just as well, it now in its eleventh year of production at the DaimlerChrysler AG Dusseldorf plant. The Sprinter success story is phenomenal: while most vehicles become obsolete toward the end of their production run and the number of produced vehicles slowly dwindles, the king of vans on the European market proves the opposite, writing its own success story. Now in its last production year, the current model delivers an exceptionally good showing. Never before did the numbers of sold vehicles in the last year of production top all the figures from previous years. In 1995, Sprinter's first production year, 80,000 units left the assembly line. In 2005, the number had gone up to 150,000, amounting to more than 600 Sprinters each day. Over the past 11 years, a total of 1.3 million Sprinters have hit the streets. And now, the next-model Sprinter is about to start production.

The only fact even more impressive than the shear number of vehicles produced is the unbelievable variety of available individual models. This will apply to the next generation Sprinter as well, soon due to roll off the assembly line: unlike with "ordinary" cars that usually come in four or five varieties, the Sprinter has 30 different versions just in respect to wheelbase, load capacity and the height of the platform. And this does not include different limited-production models, which bring the number of different Sprinter variants to over a thousand. These versions may differ in door height, cargo area size and shape, the roofline may be differently formed, and so on. If one keeps in mind that these "minor differences" apply to both passenger and cargo versions of the van, one can easily fathom the scope of the logistical and production challenge facing the equipment and the resources. And as if it were not enough, this already complex operation is made all the more exacting by the requirement to seamlessly replace the current-model Sprinter with the new one. Here, accuracy and precision are clearly the top priority; for the LTD700 Leica Laser Tracker and the Leica T-Probe tandem, this is literally a tailor-made job. . . . .

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