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ROMER Absolute Arm in naval research

Rowing boats, container ships, fishing trawlers or dinghies – any floating structure is interesting for the naval engineers at the “Canal de Experiencias Hidrodinámicas de El Pardo” (CEHIPAR). Simulations and real-life scenarios contribute to ship building and operation, improving ship safety and efficiency. A portable measuring arm from Hexagon Metrology delivers accurate 3D measurement results.

More than 500 years ago, Spain’s monarchs sent Christopher Columbus westwards to find a new way to Asia – with the known result. In the 15th century, this was a long and dangerous endeavour. Adventurers of today, and more importantly, professional shipbuilders can benefit from a competent institution which is just a stone’s throw away from the Spanish Royal Palace: The CEHIPAR helps making all types of vessels safer and more efficient. This public company carries out hydrodynamic studies, model tests and R+D projects for the construction of military, merchant, fishing and recreational seagoing vessels.

Waves, stronger than a sports car
CEHIPAR operates several test facilities where they simulate open sea conditions. One of them, the Ship Dynamics Laboratory, is a water basin of 150 m length, 30 m breadth and 5 m depth, equipped with a 551 kW strong wave generator. This installation analyses ship models in regard to seakeeping and manoeuvrability which allows conclusions about any motion of a real ship at sea.

Another CEHIPAR field of expertise is research on hull forms, appendages and propellers. This enables any shipbuilder to create fairings and hull forms more accurately and to accelerate their construction. Also, ship propellers can be constructed and produced with the help of a CAD/CAM application for digital milling.

Easy propeller inspection
For the propeller and fairing inspection, the CEHIPAR team uses a ROMER Absolute Arm with PC-DMIS software, both from Hexagon Metrology. This measuring arm is portable and can gather accurate 3D data in a workshop or factory hall environment. It is available with seven different measurement volumes between 1.5 and 4.5 m, and always certified according to international standards such as B89 or VDI/VDE. For their measurement tasks, CEHIPAR chose an arm with six rotational axes for tactile measurements within a volume of 3.5 m...

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