BRUDERER AG - Frasnacht
BRUDERER AG - Frasnacht

High precision, stroke for stroke

Leaving a lasting impression, and imprint, across multiple industries is the goal of BRUDERER AG in Frasnacht, Switzerland. The Leitz PMM-G Coordinate Measuring Machine supports the machine building company with high-precision measurements at automatic stamping presses manufactured with a high degree of precision.

Since 1943, BRUDERER has been producing high-performance automatic punching presses with a nominal force between 180 and 2,500 kN for the automotive, aerospace, telecommunications, electrical, watch-making and packaging industries, to name a few examples. “Our customers value speed, a high output rate and repeat accuracy, as well as a long machine service life,“ stressed Head of Production Remo Ackermann. BRUDERER meets these requirements through vertical integration of over 90 percent, among other things. This enables the company to guarantee their customers optimum quality, short delivery times and swift responsiveness should their needs change at short notice.

Precision as the top priority

In addition to a high level of vertical integration, continuous quality checks and measurements guarantee BRUDERER‘s motto: “PRECISION – SWISS MADE.“ To carry out high precision measurements of large components like the housing or ram of an automatic punching press, the company chose a Leitz PMM-G from Hexagon Metrology. It offers a measuring volume of 4 x 2 x 2 metres.

Intelligent design guarantees optimum measuring results “We chose the Leitz PMM-G because of its modern design and ingenious water-channel layout for temperature regulation,“ explained Jörg Schifferle, Head of the Horizontal Drilling Machine Division and the person responsible for measuring technology. The machine is based on a U-shaped reinforced concrete base body. Mass movements are minimal as a result. . . . .


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