Auxiliar D'Explotaciones Energètiques - Vic
Case Study Auxiliar D'Explotaciones Energètiques - Vic

Shaft Alignment Times Halved by Using Modern Laser Stations

Auxiliar D’Explotacions Energètiques S.L. from Vic near Barcelona, has been in business for more than 26 years. This medium-sized family service and maintenance company focuses primarily on performing work for the hydroelectric plants in the region and beyond. About two years ago they modernized the metrological methods for shaft alignment, reducing inspection times by a half with the deployment of a Leica Geosystems Industrial Total Station.

Water turbines used in hydro-electrical plants are massive, robust constructions that are built to last for decades, with overhaul intervals on the order of several years. Maintenance of the runners and parts exposed to water includes removal, inspection and repair of worn parts.

Normal wear and tear include pitting from cavitation, fatigue cracking and abrasion from suspended solids in the water. Steel elements are repaired by welding, usually with stainless steel. Damage areas are cut or ground out, then welded back up to their original or improved profile. Old turbine runners may have a significant amount of stainless steel added this way by the end of their lifetime.

Other elements requiring inspection and repair during overhauls include bearings, packing box and shaft sleeves, servo motors, cooling systems for the bearings and generator coils, seal rings, wicket gate linkage elements and all surfaces. . . . .

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