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XL crown gear precisely forged thanks to Leica Absolute Tracker AT901

Stahlwerk Augustfehn has manufactured a crown wheel with a diameter of 12.7 m. A Leica Absolute Tracker AT901 and the knowhow of metrology specialists at AfM Technology GmbH Ost ensured that measurements taken during production were always highly accurate.

The Stahlwerk Augustfehn facility in the Ammerland town of Apen has earned the name of “Das Stahlwerk im Grünen” (The Steelworks in the Countryside). Steel products for a range of different markets have been made here in this agricultural region of Lower Saxony, Germany for more than 135 years. The steelworks is now primarily engaged in the production of forged components, mainly in the form of wear parts for various applications in the crushing, recycling, cement and materials handling industries.


The workforce says they have found fun in the extraordinary. They know how to handle hot steel, including difficult metal-forming processes and complicated parts. Augustfehn has been particularly successful in the market for customised one-off components and small batch production.


A special area of work here is the manufacture of crown gears and large roller bearings for the mining and port goods handling industries. Some of these parts have diameters of up to 22 m.


Stahlwerk Augustfehn reacts quickly and flexibly to customers‘ special requirements. Large components do not cause undue concern to the forge, even if they are for engineering giants like overburden excavators in opencast mining or bucket wheel loaders, which present a challenge to the supplier with their large compression stresses due to self-weight (up to 15,000 t), enormous tensile stresses and accelerated frictional wear on all their components. For these excavators to have a long working life, every part must...

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