AUSA - Manresa
Case Study AUSA - Manresa

The ROMER measuring arm - the ideal tool for AUSA

AUSA CENTER S.L., established in 1956, in Manresa, is the world’s largest manufacturer of dumpers of up to 10 tons, all-terrain forklifts of up to 5 tons and concrete mixers for up to 1 cubic metre.

AUSA is a company with a clearly international vocation. The headquarters and the production plant, with a total surface area of over 64,000 sq. m., are located in Manresa (Barcelona), and it has subsidiaries in Madrid, France, the United Kingdom, Germany, China and Florida. It markets its products in over 70 countries through 225 distributors and exports over 40% of the machines it manufactures.

Adapting to growing customer demands and requirements has led Ausa to increase the number of its products considerably. In recent years, there has been a major development of the range. Vehicles which only a few years ago were restricted to 2,500 kg are today able to transport loads of up 10 tons, for example telescopic lifts with specific characteristics.


This significant expansion requires both an acceleration in the production process and an increase in the number of measurements taken.


The old three-dimensional Beta measurement machine from DEA, which has been in service for almost 20 years, is used to measure mechanized parts. At the time, AUSA decided to purchase a large machine enabling both large and small parts to be measured with maximum precision. With the increase in output and product lines, the three-dimensional machine’s limitations in terms of speed and flexibility soon became clear. An additional measuring tool had to be found. This tool would have to satisfy a number of specific criteria, as Mr. Montellano explains: “A precise analysis of the current and future needs was carried out. We were looking for a measuring tool which was quick, easy to use and more profitable without for all that investing in a second metrology lab or a fixed electronic system.”

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